Colors of the Australian Labradoodle

These days you can find the Australian Labradoodle in a number of different and beautiful colors. We hope that you find the below color information informative and useful. 

NOTE: It is normal that all colors may show bleaching and discoloration over the topcoat, referred to as sunning, this is quite expected and acceptable. 

White/cream in color with a black nose
Chalk Puppy.
Chalk Adult
labradoodle colors
Caramel Puppy
Caramel Adult
Color ranges from deep gold to shades of red. Should have an even coloration over whole body. Should have a rose nose 
labradoodle colors
Gold Puppy
Gold Adult
Some refer to this color as apricot.Should be color of the inside of a ripe apricot. Should not have lighter roots than outer coat and should have a black nose.  
Red Adult
Red Puppy
Should be solid, even deep, dark red with a black nose.
Cafe Puppy
Cafe Adult
Milk chocolate to silver beige and will develop over time (1-3 years). Nose should be rose.
Black puppy
Black adult
Should be solid, deep, dark color and not lighten significantly over time. Nose should be black.
Cream Puppy
Cream Adult
Creamy, sometimes with apricot or gold tinting. All shades are acceptable. Nose can be black or rose.
Parchment Adult
Creamy beige/chocolate color like coffee with too much milk. Born light chocolate and overtime lightens (1-3 years) up. Nose is rose.
Chocolate Puppy
True chocolates are born almost black and maintain dark, even color thru lifetime. Rose nose.  
Chocolate Adult

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