​​​Ivylane Labradoodles of  Pennsylvania
Exceptional Australian Labradoodles
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Puppies and dogs bring joy and unconditional love to humans' lives. To experience that for yourself and to see what we having coming up  in the near future, please go to our Planned Llitters page. Our website is always up to date, so what you see there is accurate.  
We are proud to be a breeder of exceptionally high quality Australian Labradoodles. 
All our labradoodle Dams and Sires  are extensively tested for genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia, cardiac, exercise induced collapse, degenerative myelopathy, von Willebrands and inherited eye diseases. After they are completely vetted regarding their health, they must be of the proper temperament: friendly, outgoing, athletic, confident and easily trained.​​

Consequently, our Australian Labradoodle puppies are the best they can be. They are non shedding and 99% hypoallergenic. We provide a four-year health warranty with our Labradoodle puppies and will give you a lifetime of support. Our first priority is that you, your family and our Australian Labradoodle puppies are well matched and happy with one another. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Our puppies have exposure to people and dogs of all ages. They play outside when the weather allows as well as in a large inside puppy play area.  By six weeks of age, our  puppies start their crate training and are weaned to a species specific diet of RAW meat, bones and organs. Our Labradoodle dogs and puppies are raised with plenty of love, attention, training and socialization.  We do not ship our puppies.  Every family visits our home to choose their own puppy and meet us.
We are in the Carlisle area of Central Pennsylvania and we look forward to meeting you.
For information on our Australian Labradoodles, email Kristin at