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Fall/Winter 2017/18 Planned Litters
These pups have strong pedigrees and will be intelligent, playful and easy to train. Australian Labradoodles are non shedding and 99% hypoallergenic. 
 email kbowers@ivylanelabradoodles.com

Please Read How the process works: 
1.  Families decide which litter interests them 
2.  Speak to Kristin at IvyLane Labradoodles about litters via email 
3.  Discuss size, color, coat, timing, or allergy concerns
4. Email Application (found on Pricing and Policies page)and wait for approval to submit deposit.
5.  Submit non refundable $500 deposit (Pay Pal on site or mail personal check) 
6.   Personal visits to meet the pups and make your selection will be scheduled in the order that the deposits were received.Personal visits, and selections are made when the pups are 6 weeks old.

Ivylane Labradoodles always reserves the right to choose the first two puppies from every litter for our breeding program.
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Puppies $2800 
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Large Minis/Mediums (25-35lbs) Barksdale Rasberry Beret "Rizzo" and IvyLane Sundance Kid will have an all apricot, red, caramel and cream litter at the end of this year. The pups will have luscious wavy and curly fleece coats. They will be athletic and people connected like their parents. Pregnancy Confirmed via ultrasound. ​

Litter Due Date: Nov 4
Go Home Date: Early Jan                                                               This litter is fully reserved
For more information on Rizzo and Sundance, please go to Our Dogs page.
Minis (18-24lbs) Barksdale Strawberry Shortcake "Shorty" and IvyLane Laguna Beach will have another litter together late this year. They will be mostly curly fleece and will be very good for allergy sufferers.
Pregnancy confirmed via Ultrasound.

Litter Due Date: Nov 17
Go Home Date: Mid Jan 2018                                                        This Litter is fully reserved
For more information on Shorty or Laguna, please visit Our Dogs page.
Minis (22-30 lbs)  IvyLane Endless Love "Finley" and IvyLane Laguna last litter was very high quality and easy to train, so we decided to repeat it. These puppies will be cream and caramel with curly and wavy fleece coats.  Pregnancy Confirmed via Ultrasound.

Litter Due Date:  Nov 11
Go Home Date:   Jan 6                                                                 This litter is fully reserved

Mediums Rose and Sundance will have a repeat litter of all red Australian Labradoodles this Fall. They will be 28-38lbs full grown with wavy and curly fleece. They will be dark, dark red and be athletic and friendly.
Pregnancy Confirmed via Ultrasound.

Litter Due Date:  Nov. 18
 Go Home Date: Mid Jan                                                                       This Litter is fully reserved.
Standards IvyLane Heart and Soul "Gracie" and Country Hot Rod Lincoln will have a much anticipated litter early Fall. These puppies will be large at 45-55 lbs full grown and have stunning dark chocolate, and chocolate/white parti with wavy and curly fleece coats.  Gracie's past puppies have been healthy, outgoing, easy to train with a strong human connection. Pregnancy Confirmed via ultrasound.
​Litter Due Date:  Oct 18
Go Home Date: Mid Dec                                              This Litter is fully reserved
Finley and Laguna's Past Puppies
Rose x Sundance's Past Puppies 
Standards (45-60 lbs) Country Cloud Nine "Phoebe" and IvyLane Soul Man "Duncan"  will have an repeat litter this Fall. These Australian Labradoodle puppies will be some of the biggest but the calmest we produce. We will have chocolate and black with curly and wavy fleece coats. They will have large heads and broad chests with a strong people connection and outgoing personalities. Pregnancy Confirmed via ultrasound.

Litter Due Date:  Nov.5
Go Home Date: Early Jan 2018
                                                                                            This litter is fully reserved
Please go to Our Dogs page for more information on Phoebe and Duncan. 
Phoebe x Duncan's  Previous Puppies
For more information on Finley and Laguna, please go to Our Dogs page.
Large Minis/Small Mediums (25lbs-32lbs) IvyLane Snow Moon "Goldie" and IvyLane Laguna will have a much anticipated litter at the end of the year. These pups will be apricots,caramels and possibly reds with curly and wavy fleece coats. They will be calm, focused and athletic like their parents.

Litter Due Date: Dec/Jan
Litter Go Home Date: Feb/March 2018                              This litter is fully reserved.
Please to Our Dogs page to see more information on Goldie and Laguna.
Minis (18-24lbs) IvyLane Peace and Harmony "Penny" and IvyLane Sundance Kid will be paired together for a much anticipated litter arriving in the New Year. We will have reds, apricots and caramels in curly and wavy fleece coatsThese puppies will be athletic, outgoing and have that people connection that we expect. This will be Penny's first litter.

Litter Due Date (tentative):  March/April                     Accepting one Reservation
Go Home Date: May/June

For more information on Penny and Sundance, please go to Our Dogs page.  
Minis (18-25lbs) Jubilee Panda Lily and IvyLane Sundance will have a rainbow litter early in 2018. These pups will have gorgeous wavy fleece coats in black, chocolate, cream and apricot. they may have some white markings on them too. They will be outgoing and gentle like their parents.

Litter Due Date: Jan/Feb (tentative)
Go Home Date: March/April (tentative)                           Accepting one Reservation
For more information on Panda and/or Sundance, please go to Our Dogs page.
Large Med/ Standards (35-45 lbs) Rain and Duncan will be paired together again: because their previous litter was simply extraordinary. Beautiful wavy fleece coats that will be chocolate, black, black/white parti, choc/white parti and cream/white parti is what we expect this time too. These puppies will be outgoing and easy to train like their parents.

Litter Due Date: Feb/March 2018
Go Home Date: April/May 2018                                   Accepting Reservations
Rain and Duncan's last litter
Large Standards (50-70lbs) Madeline and Lincoln will have a litter in the Spring 2018. If you are looking for large Australian Labradoodles, this is the litter. They will be chocolates and creams in wavy and curly fleece. The puppies in their last litter were outgoing and easy to train.

Litter Due Date: April/May 2018                      Accepting Reservations
Go Home Date: June/July 2018
Madeline is our big girl at 55 lbs. For more information on her, please go to Our Dogs page.  
For more information on Lincoln, please go to Our Dogs page.