Let the Training Begin!

We've worked hard to provide you with the best puppy possible.  Now it's your turn.  Australian Labradoodles are very smart and your puppy is the perfect age to start training.  Whether you choose to DIY, attend group classes or invest in 1-on-1 training, true success depends on three principals:  consistency, positivity, and repetition.  IvyLane offers a unique alternative called "Extended-Stay Focused Training."   At this time, we are not accepting anymore puppies for the Summer. Will update if things change.  
"Sit"   "Stay"
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Training and socialization is life-long. Always be taking your dog to new places.
Lincoln is so accustomed to going out in public - he's bored with it all. 
"Look here!"
It's never too early to train  your puppy

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