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Exceptional Australian Labradoodles
Please Read How the Process Works: 
1.  Go to Planned Litters page and decide what litter is of interest 
2.  Speak to Kristin at IvyLane Labradoodles about litters via email  
3.  Discuss size, color, coat, timing and temperament 
4.  Email application (on Pricing and Policies page) and wait for notification to submit deposit. 
5.  Receive receipt for deposit.
6.  Personal visits to meet the pups and make your selection will be scheduled in the order that the deposits were received. 

<REFERENCES GLADLY PROVIDED>                                                                  

Ivylane Labradoodles always reserves the right to choose two puppies first from every litter for our breeding program.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies are $3000 (6% sales tax included). 

They are non shedding and 99% hypoallergenic. They are health guaranteed and go home with a micro chip, puppy immunizations/ wormings, crate training and their own personal blanket. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are hand raised in our home with our family.

For more information email

Standards (40-52lbs) Country In Your Dreams "Daphne"  and IvyLane Soul Man "Duncan"' pups are here. Born December 19, 2018. We have ten puppies in chocolates and creams. Most will have wavy fleece coats. These puppies will be very people connected and easy to train. 

Puppy Visit Day: Feb 2, 2019
Go Home Day: Feb 13 or Feb 17                                                   This Litter is fully reserved    
Here they are at 4.5 weeks old. 

For more information on Daphne and Duncan, please go to Our Dogs page. 
Minis (16-24 lbs) IvyLane Peace and Harmony "Penny" and IvyLane Sundance Kid's puppies arrived right on time on December 26. We have three girls and two boys all in apricots and reds. They will have curly and wavy fleece coats.  

Puppy Visit Day: Feb 9, 2019
Go Home Day: Feb. 20 or Feb. 23                   This litter is fully reserved.
Here they are at 3.5 weeks. 

For information on Penny and Sundance, please go to Our Dogs page.
Mediums (28-40 lbs) Country In Your Dreams "Phoebe" and Barksdale Bronx Bomber's puppies arrived late December 29. We have four chocolate girls, three black girls, two chocolate boys and one black boy. They will have wavy and curly fleece coats.

Puppy Visit Date: Feb 10
Go Home Date: Feb 23                                       One Reservation likely female

For more information on Phoebe and Bronx, please visit Our Dogs page.
Baby Grand 4 lbs 1 oz
Uptown Girl-3 lbs 9 oz
Big Shot-3 lbs 12 oz
Honesty-3 lb 9 oz
Vienna-4 lbs 1 oz
Captain Jack-4 lbs 3 oz
Piano Man- 3 lbs 15 oz
Easy Money-2 lb 14 oz 
The Entertainer- 4 lbs 9 oz
Roberta-3 lbs 14 oz
Wonder (girl) 2 lb 3oz
Joy (girl) 2 lb 6 oz
Merry (girl) 2lb 1 oz
Jolly (boy) 2lb 10 oz
Happy (boy) 1lb 10z
Fruitcake (girl) 2lbs 8 oz 
Sleighbell (girl) 2lbs 4oz
LongJohn (boy) 2lbs 5oz
SugarPlum (girl) 2lbs 5oz 
Mitten (girl) 2lbs 10 oz
White Out (boy) 2lbs 12 oz
EggNog (girl) 2lbs 7oz
IceStorm (girl) 2lb 8oz
Wind Chill (boy) 2lbs 12oz
CandyCane (girl) 2lbs 5oz
Here they are at 16 days old. They really did not appreciate the brilliant Winter Sunshine but I assure you their eyes are open!