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Exceptional Australian Labradoodles
Please Read How the Process Works: 
1.  Go to Planned Litters page and decide what litter is of interest 
2.  Speak to Kristin at IvyLane Labradoodles about litters via email  
3.  Discuss size, color, coat, timing and temperament 
4.  Email application (on Pricing and Policies page) and wait for notification to submit deposit. 
5.  Receive receipt for deposit.
6.  Personal visits to meet the pups and make your selection will be scheduled in the order that the deposits were received. Visits and selections are made when the pups are 6 weeks old.

<REFERENCES GLADLY PROVIDED>                                                                  

Ivylane Labradoodles always reserves the right to choose two puppies first from every litter for our breeding program.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies are $2800 (sales tax included). 
 Please Note: After Jan. 1, 2018 price will be $3000

They are non shedding and 99% hypoallergenic. They are health guaranteed and go home with a micro chip, puppy immunizations/ wormings, crate training and their own personal blanket. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are hand raised in our home with our family.

For more information email
Gracie and Lincoln's pups are here born right on time on October 19. We have 4 girls and 1 boy. They will be 35-45 lbs full grown with wavy and curly fleece coats. Their last litter together were out going and easy to train.

Visit Day: Dec. 2
Go Home Day: Dec. 14-16                                    This litter is fully reserved 
Delaney- 7lbs 4 oz
Levi-6lbs 4 oz
Felicity-6lbs 8 oz
Aurora-6lbs 6 oz
Aeryn-6lbs 6 oz
Rizzo and Sundance's pups are here born Nov. 5. We have nine pups all in apricot, red and caramel with wavy fleece coats. There are three girls and five boys who will be 20-28 lbs full grown.  

 Visit Day: Dec. 16                                           This litter is fully reserved
 Go Home Day: Dec 31                                                                      Here they are at 4 weeks
Large Mediums/Standards  Phoebe and Duncans' pups also  arrived on Nov. 5! We have four girls and four boys in black and chocolate with wavy and curly fleece coats. They will be 35-50lbs full grown. 

Visit Day: Dec 17
Go Home Day: Dec. 31                                      This Litter is fully reserved 
                                                                                              Here they are at 4 weeks
Minis Finley and Laguna pups arrived on Nov. 11. We have 5 boys and 2 girls in all shades of cream, caramel and apricot. They will be 20-30lbs full grown with curly and wavy fleece coats.  

Visit Day: Dec. 23
Go Home Day: Jan 7, 2018                                         One pup available likely male
Pictured at 5.5 weeks
Mediums Rose and Sundance's puppies arrived on Nov. 17. We have four boys and two girls all in deep, dark apricot and red. They will have curly and wavy fleece  coats and be 25-40lbs full grown.  

Puppy Visits: Dec. 30
Go Home Day: Jan 12 and 13, 2018.                     This litter is fully reserved.
Minis Shorty and Laguna's pups have arrived on Nov. 19. We have four girls and four boys in curly and wavy fleece. Six are apricot, red and cream and SURPRISE, we have the very rare black and tan phantom marked puppies--one boy and one girl. They will be 18-28lbs full grown.

Puppy Visits: Dec. 31
Puppy Go Home Day: Jan 14, 2018                            One Reservation Available
Curry (girl) 2 lbs 15 oz 
Poppy Seed (girl) 3lbs 5 oz
Basil (boy) 3lb 3 oz
Sage (boy) 3lbs 15oz
Cinnamon (girl) 3 lb 1 oz
Clove (boy) 3lb 9 oz
Chili(boy) 3lbs 14 oz
Nutmeg (boy) 3lbs 9 oz
Blue (boy) 4lbs 9oz
Colby (boy) 3lbs 11 oz
Brie (girl) 5lbs 1 oz
Swiss (girl) 4lbs 14 oz
Feta (girl) 4 lbs 5 oz
Mish (girl) 3lbs 10 oz
Gouda (boy) 4 lbs 6oz
Asiago(boy) 4 lb 3 oz
Cab (boy) 2lbs 8oz
Pinot (boy) 1lbs 15 oz
Zin (boy) 2lbs 5oz
Merlot (boy) 2lbs 9oz
Rose (girl) 2lbs 3oz
Chablis (boy) 2lb 6oz
 Shiraz(girl) 2lbs 2oz
Here they are at 16 days old
Acorn (boy) 1lb 12oz
Apple (girl) 1lb 5oz
Cranberry (girl) 1lb 6oz
Gravy (boy) 1lb 12oz
Pumpkin (girl) 1lb 10z)
Pecan Pie (girl) 1lb 5oz
Drumstick (boy) 1 lb 13oz
Squash (boy) 1lb 11oz
Here they are at 15 days

Snicker (boy) 2lbs 14oz
Guffaw (boy) 2lbs 8oz
Chortle (boy) 2lbs 12oz
Cackle (boy) 2lbs 14 oz
Giggle (girl) 2lbs 14oz